A couple of nights ago, I was watching the Oscars. I was actually invested this year since Manchester by the Sea was up for a handful nominations, ultimately taking home Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay at the end of the night. I’ve been trying to see the movie since it was released, but it kept selling out everywhere, thanks in large part to the enduring hometown pride of New Englanders. I get it–part of the reason I wanted to see it was because I’ve been living in Manchester-by-the-Sea for over 20 years, and it’s where I’m raising my kids. I finally got to see the movie a couple of days ago, and the familiarity and close proximity of the featured locations was a really cool thing to experience. While it was the personal connection to the location that initially interested me, the storyline was what really drew me in.

The film was incredibly well done in every way, and I came away with a lot of creative inspiration, but I have to think that there was something particularly special about watching the ending in a theatre full of Bay Staters. For those who haven’t seen the movie, the basis of the storyline is that the two main characters, Lee and Patrick, are brought together by an unexpected death in the family. The last scene is this great shot of the two of them on the family boat, reminiscent of the time they spent together when Patrick was younger. The scene is nostalgic and peaceful. It cuts to black, and the credits roll. And then, out of nowhere, a woman in the audience jumps to her feet, and in the thickest Boston accent you have ever heard screams out, “Are you frickin’ kiddin me?? This is how it ends?! You gotta be SHITTIN’ me!!”

Definitely see Manchester by the Sea, and feel free to take a look at some of the images I’ve made of this picturesque North Shore town during the time I’ve lived here. If you’ve seen the movie, you might even recognize some of the locations yourself. I’ve pulled a few of my favorite images below, but you can view the entire collection HERE.



Photo Story – “The Boston Celtics”


When I was a kid, I had the privilege of attending baseball games at the old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh twice a year as a reward for my service as an altar boy. I lived for those days, being able to watch the games in seats so close to the action. I think that’s where my love for sports really started. Once I picked up a camera in my early teens, I wanted to learn how to preserve that action so that I could relish it more than only twice a year.

I had a great time following the Celtics this year, especially since they had such an unpredictable season, full of highs and lows. Some of the peak moments: Early on, Isaiah Thomas was averaging a solid 21.5 points per game; on April 1st, in one of their most exciting games of the season, the Celtics killed the NBA’s longest-running winning streak by a home team when they defeated the Warriors in Oracle Arena; and on February 5th, Avery Bradley buried the Cavs at the buzzer for one of the most memorable wins so far. Their off-season promises to be just as interesting. With 8 draft picks this year and the amount of money the team has to play with, they could potentially really shake up the roster.

I can’t wait to see what happens next with the Celtics, and I’m sure neither can all of their loyal fans. In the meantime, feel free to reminisce on the past season with some of my photos below. You can see the intensity on the players’ faces, and being that close to that kind of action never gets old. Diehard fans might also be interested in checking out the “Superfan” spot that I directed for the team last year and the editorial feature that I shot for Improper Bostonian Magazine.



I bought these roses for my wife on Valentines Day. Every day, I walked past them and with each day they were a little closer to dead. I don’t normally take still lifes, but I figured I’d snap a picture of the roses before they were completely gone. I’m not sure why. I guess because I thought they looked nice, and I take pictures of things I like to look at. Or maybe, I  did it as a personal challenge–to push myself out of my comfort zone in the sports arena. Whatever the reason, I ended up snapping a few dozen shots. I played around with angles, settings, and editing to see how many ways I could transform the image. Below are three photos of the same bouquet, visualized in three very different ways. Perhaps I’ll print them and hang them on my wall.